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Table of Resources

This is a collection of study resources suggested by SSSUK members. They include libraries, museums, courses, websites, directories and more.

The resources mentioned should have particular relevance to Sudan and/or South Sudan; a relevance made clear in the description if it is not already clear in the title of the resource.

We are particularly hoping for good coverage of resources based in the UK.

List of Resources

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Sudan Archive, Durham University Library

The Archive and the main library collections hold a strong collection of books and other documents across many branches of Sudanese studies. Most notable is the Sudan Archive, a collection of the papers of former officials, soldiers, missionaries, businessmen and individuals who served or lived in the Sudan during the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium period (1899-1955).

Condominium period, archive, library
Sudanese Medical Association (UK & I)

An academic, non-political, non-governmental platform for all healthcare professionals aiming to improve the standards of care in Sudan via training and knowledge transfer.

health, organization, Sudan
Pitt-Rivers Museum

The museum's project 'Recovering the Material and Visual Cultures of the Southern Sudan: A Museological Resource' holds more than 1300 artefacts and 5000 photographs, which can conveniently be searched and viewed online.

museum, South Sudan, ethnography
Sudan Open Archive

An internet database which contains full pdf texts of many books, reports and other documents relating to Sudan and (what is now) South Sudan. Special collections include the first thirty-two volumes of Sudan Notes and Records, Sudan’s flagship scholarly journal, and the collected papers of the late Sudan scholar, Richard Gray.

archive, website http:/
The Sudan Archaeological Research Society

Founded in 1991 the Society provides a focus for anyone interested in the archaeology of Sudan, South Sudan, and of Egypt south of the First Nile Cataract. Lectures, seminars, publications and the bulletin Sudan & Nubia promote interest in the Sudans' cultural heritage and raise awareness of its place in the history of mankind. The Society mounts expeditions to excavate and record threatened sites before they are lost to knowledge forever.

archaeology, ancient sites and artefacts, organization
Sudan Studies Association

SSSUK's sister organisation in the U.S.A., the SSA is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge about all aspects of life in Sudan and South Sudan. Founded in 1981, it seeks to promote research which is academically rigorous, historically informed and which addresses the dynamics that shape both nations and their relationships with neighbouring countries. Conferences are held annually in North America. In addition, international conferences have in recent years been convened in collaboration with SSSUK in Durham (2000), Washington DC (2003), Bergen (2006), Pretoria (2009) and Bonn (2012). The Association welcomes new members, partner collaborations and encourages emerging scholars to join.

Middle East Centre and Sudanese Programme, St Anthony's College, Oxford

The Middle East Centre of St Antony’s College is the centre for the interdisciplinary study of the modern Middle East in the University of Oxford.  Centre Fellows teach and conduct research in the humanities and social sciences with direct reference to the Arab world, Iran, Israel and Turkey, with particular emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Researchers may visit the Centre's library and (by appointment) archive.The Sudanese Programme, sponsored by the Middle East Centre and the African Studies Centre, is a neutral forum to promote dialogue and understanding between all Sudanese through conferences and lectures dealing with present day issues and problems. It also covers cultural, social and other political issues facing the Sudanese.

politics, archive, library, organization
Centre for African Studies, SOAS

The Centre has a claim on being the largest centre of expertise on Africa outside Africa. It is responsible for co-ordinating, stimulating and promoting interdisciplinary study, research and discussion on Africa within the University of London; and promoting a wider awareness of African issues. A monthly newsletter, Africa News, is available online. A Sudan/South Sudan seminar series is jointly run by CAS and SSSUK.

archive, library, organization
Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS)

LUCAS is an interdisciplinary centre that brings together scholars with an active interest in Africa from across different schools and faculties at the University of Leeds. The Centre publishes annually the Leeds African Studies Bulletin, and hosts an annual African Studies Lecture, and a regular seminar programme.

Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Bergen

The Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at the University of Bergen (Senter for Midtausten- og islamske studiar, SMI) was created in 1988 to coordinate work on various aspects of the Islamic world within the humanities and social sciences; as well as to be gateway between the research groups in Bergen and the outside world. The University of Bergen has also been involved in digital preservation projects in Sudan, notably with the audio-visual archives of the Sudan Radio and Television Corporation. The university has a substantial Sudan collection in its library, including some archival material, and the Mahmoud Salih collection (online resource). 

archive, library, organization