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Our Vision

SSSUK's overall aim is to promote the study and understanding of South Sudan and Sudan in all their aspects. It serves the general public in this regard, but provides some specific benefits for members, including exclusive early access to the Society's twice-yearly journal. Anyone with an interest in South Sudan and/or Sudan, however general or specialised, is welcome to join.

SSSUK holds a Symposium and General Meeting every year, usually in September. The fostering of international links is also important and the Society is in regular contact with other similar societies. SSSUK cooperates with our sister organisation the Sudan Studies Association of North America (SSA) and others in the organisation of International Sudan Studies Conferences. These have been held in Khartoum (1988), Durham (1991), Boston (1994), Cairo (1997), Durham (2000), Washington DC (2003), Bergen (2006), Pretoria (2009) and Bonn (2012).

SSSUK is incorporated as a UK charity (No. 328272), and is registered with the Charity Commission. Its trustees are elected by the members for renewable three-year terms. The trustees form the nucleus of the governing Committee, and carry out their duties in accordance with the Constitution of the Society, last amended in 2016. The Committee may co-opt others with particular skills and experiences to join them in the deliberations and executive work of the Committee.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Society are available here.

The members also periodically elect the honorary President of the Society. Our current President is the distinguished author, Leila Aboulela.

'The Tree' by SSSUK President, Ibrahim El Salahi