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Report: Criminalisation of Women in Sudan


Cover of report: 'Criminalisation of Women in Sudan' from the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) and The Redress Trust. SSSUK joined the Centre for African Studies at SOAS, London, in organizing a seminar to help launch this report on 4th December 2017. The full text of the report is available at A brief report on the launch event is here.

The SSSUK Symposium 2019: A video record

SSSUK's 2019 Annual Symposium included a variety of talks related to the 19th December revolution in Sudan. See the video record here.

Nicoll 2018 Fully Equal book cover


Cover of book by Fergus Nicoll (2018). Fully equal to the occasion: Frank Power and the Siege of Khartoum.This is SSSUK member Fergus Nicoll's  latest volume of primary sources relating to the Mahdia. It is available only through Amazon. It follows Nicoll's earlier editions of Lt.-Col. Stewart and Maj.-Gen. Gordon. Nicoll tells us that for future publication (research funds permitting) he has been working on editions of Burdeini and Nusshi, as well as a translation of the French transcript of an important Egyptian trial in the aftermath of the Mahdi's victory.

The return of Carlo Acefalo

Work by SSSUK member Ricardo Preve led to the return to Italy of a submariner's remains, in a ceremony at Port Sudan on 19th April 2018. Carlo Acefalo died in 1940 on the barren Red Sea island of Barra Musa Khebir after escaping from a sinking submarine with fellow crew members (see Sudan Studies No. 53).


Arts: "Sudan: Emergence of Singularities"

A season in London, blending contemporary visual arts, theatre, music, design, films and words from and about Sudan. (Not an SSSUK event, but may be of interest to members.)

The Sudans Takeover (Sudanese journalism in The Guardian)

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On 7 July 2016 The Guardian newspaper's Africa Network featured the work of a group of Sudanese and South Sudanese journalists, reporting on the issues facing their countries. "From clubbing to beauty politics, police crackdowns to the ongoing war in Darfur, their stories offer a new way to understand this under-reported region." The journalists whose work was featured are: Ahmad Abushakeema, Yousra Elbagir, Mohamed Hilali, Mariak Bol Majok, Opoka p'Arop Otto, Zeinab Mohammed Salih.


List of historical material relating to the Mahdīa period

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A list of international museum and archive holdings of books, documents, clothing, arms and armour relating to the Mahdīa period, compiled by Fergus Nicoll, author of Gladstone, Gordon and the Sudan Wars (2013), The Mahdi of Sudan and the Death of General Gordon (2004), and BBC journalist.

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