New issue #62 of Sudan Studies online

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Contents of Issue 62 (July 2020)



Mansur Khalid, Lesley Forbes, William Y. Adams, Tribute to Sudanese health workers



Yasir Arman. The Sudanese Doctors who are growing Basil around our Country

Imogen Thurbon. Covid-19 Prevention in Sudan: Scenes from the front line        

Ahmed Hashim. Sudan’s Battle Against Covid-19: From social and economic

challenges to the use of graffiti art

Philip Winter. A Border Too Far: the Ilemi Triangle yesterday and today, Part 1          

Amira Osman. The Role of the Sudanese Diaspora in the UK in the 19th December Revolution: Reflections, challenges and the way forward           

Tohamy Abulgasim Khalifa and Rebecca Bradshaw. The Contemporary Significance of Archaeological Sites in Sudan: A case study of folklore at El Kurru

Daisy Abboudi. A Short History of the Jews in Sudan

Ricardo Preve. Documentary Production Master Class in Khartoum

Report compiled by Rebecca Bradshaw. Reflections on the Coronavirus Pandemic in Sudan, South Sudan and the UK: A conversation hosted by SSSUK.


Book Reviews:

Douglas H. Johnson, South Sudanese Past Notes & Records

Jamal Mahjoub, A Line in the River: Khartoum, city of memory

Rachel Ibreck, South Sudan’s Injustice System: Law and activism on the frontline

Raffi Berg, Red Sea Spies: The true story of Mossad’s fake holiday resort        

Luka Biong Deng Kuol and Sarah Logan (eds), The Struggle for South Sudan: Challenges of security and state formation


News from the Sudan Archive, Durham