New issue #63 of Sudan Studies online

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Contents of Issue 63 (January 2021)


SSSUK Seminars:

Mawan Muortat, Abel Azim Hassan


Douglas H. Johnson. Editing Sudan

Philip Winder. A Border Too Far – the Ilemi Triangle Yesterday and Today Part 2

Suad M. E. Musa. Prospects for the Political Participation of Sudanese Women in the post- December 2018 Revolution Era

Aziz El Nur. Sudan in the Mosaic Rooms

Ricardo Preve. Sudan’s Film Industry after the Revolution: a world of opportunities

Douglas H. Johnson. Sanders of the Sudd?

Father Gregor Schmidt. The Church’s Commitment to Reconciliation in South Sudan

Ann Crichton-Harris. Contact Tracing in 1903: How one man turned around a potential smallpox disaster

Book Reviews:

Lutz Oette, Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker (eds). Constitution-Making and Human Rights in the Sudan

Khalid Wad Albaih and Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann (eds), Sudan Retold

Victor Lugala. White house

Lia Paradis, Imperial Culture and the Sudan. Authorship, identity and the British Empire